Our Values

We believe Avado is a place where anyone from any background has the freedom to actively contribute in their own, unique way. We’re believers in co-creation; each and every experience we look to create for people, is created with our people. In the spirit of this, our Values were created for our people, by our people.

Our People Love Working Here

When we were defining our Values, we wanted something that would really resonate with anyone who might want to join us. We also wanted to make sure that everyone had an opportunity to adopt them in an authentic, meaningful way. That's why we don't have lots of prescriptive 'rules' around our Values. Instead, we have a number of guiding principles that underpin the Values, allowing us all to choose how we interpret, express and experience our Values in our culture. Our Values:

  • Guide all of our decisions, ways of working and everything that we do as a company;
  • Advise us on how to treat people, and behave;
  • Steer the decisions surrounding who to invite to join us and work with us;
  • Enable a fun and innovative culture of success;
  • Underpin our brand identity, learning experiences and client engagements.

Possibly more importantly, we agreed collectively that our Values needed to be front-and-centre at all times. This doesn't mean we plaster them all over our walls, or refer to them every five minutes. Our Values go much deeper than that... They're experienced in each and every interaction with another Avado person. So to bring them to the fore, we agreed on some guiding principles. With this in mind, we decided that our Values:

  • Are our intellectual property; 
  • Describe how we act and think to deliver our goals;
  • Guide and influence our decisions up-front (we try not to post-rationalise);
  • Energise us and enable us to demonstrate our contribution; 
  • Need to be tangible and measurable;
  • Support us in working together, acting as a 'north star' for performance.

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